enabling security, privacy, convenience and savings

"Forecast for cloud service brokerage will almost double in size over four years to reach $160 billion by 2018."

- Gartner

Our constituents benefit in many ways…


  • Agile
  • Flexible
  • Savings
  • Secure
  • Compliant
  • Credential Federation

Identity Providers

  • Savings
  • New Revenue
  • Identity Proofing
  • Credential Federation

Attribute Providers

  • New Revenue
  • Sales Channel
  • Lower Cost of Sales


  • Convenience
  • Secure
  • Compliant
  • User Console

How it works

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Industries we serve

Our Global Reach

Today, we are supporting customers in 35 countries and growing. Using a variety of methods and attribute services, our customers are able to improve online identity security and privacy using the Attribute Exchange Network.

What customers are saying

"One of the key use cases with ID DataWeb is how we integrate into your service to enable federated login and how we leverage the network attribute providers so we can verify information about who a consumer is to satisfy KYC rules.

At the same time, we want to give comfort to our clients so that we can distribute communication and new services through a digital channel and avoid privacy issues."

- Rob K., Broadridge Communications

"The AXN brings in more choice and innovation in the way you can access credentials, online services through service providers, and when doing business commerce with DoD or any other state or local agency.

It’s important to have a brokered exchange to federate identities among the relying parties to lower costs and enhance convenience, security and privacy."

- Keith W., TSCP